Security Services

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Our security services are designed to provide you with peace of mind and ensure the safety of your premises. From highly trained security guards to advanced technology solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of security services tailored to your specific needs.

Security Guard

At our security agency, we offer comprehensive security assessments for our clients. After evaluating their premises, we provide informed recommendations regarding their specific security requirements, including necessary equipment and personnel. Additionally, our training department is equipped to provide specialized training for individuals working in the retail sector. Over the year we have earned an outstanding reputation in the industry for delivering top-notch security services of guards, armed guards & body guards.

Personal Protection

we take pride in our exceptional team of young, smart, and well-groomed professionals. Our Personal Protection Officers/ Escorts are meticulously selected and trained in martial arts and combat craft. They possess fluency in both English and Hindi, enabling seamless communication with clients. Our team excels in forming cohesive units, providing immediate and close protection to individuals requiring personal security.

Armed Guard

Our agency is proud to employ a select group of exceptional individuals who embody youth, intelligence, and professionalism. These highly dedicated Personal Protection Officers/ Escorts are fluent in both English and Hindi, and their training in martial arts and combat craft ensures their readiness for any situation. By working together seamlessly, they form an unbeatable team capable of providing immediate and close protection.

Security Consultancy

We specialize in conducting comprehensive security surveys and appreciation for our esteemed clients. Our experienced team thoroughly assesses the existing security measures and identifies potential vulnerabilities. Based on our findings, we provide tailored advice and recommendations on a wide range of security needs, including equipment and manpower requirements necessary to enhance overall safety and protection.

Cash Management

USMS offers security guard cash handling services to ensure the utmost safety and protection of your valuable assets Our highly trained and professional guards are well-versed in handling cash transactions, adhering to strict protocols and security measures. They posses a deep understanding of risk management and equipped with necessary skills to detect and deter potential threats. They are reliable and proficient in secure cash trasportation.